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About Sky Ball

The Fort Worth Airpower Council (FWAPC) dates back to 1958 when General Curtis LeMay and Frank Kent, a local businessman, started the FWAPC supporting Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas.

The FWAPC developed over the years as a 200-member organization and, in 1999 the Fort Worth Airpower Council created the Airpower Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation to raise money in support of our military and their families.

We are excited that the magnitude of Sky Ball has grown to a National level, allowing more broad-based support.

Over the past four years Sky Ball has raised more than $4.5 million dollars. This has allowed the APF to contribute to many projects that directly support members of all branches of our military and their families through various contingency funds at the Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base and other programs. Also funded by Sky Ball proceeds are:

  • Heroes on the Water, helping veterans heal through fellowship and fishing.
  • Freedom Flight, taking heroes of the Greatest Generation, our WWII Veterans, to visit their Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Wounded Warriors Veteran's Day Weekend in Las Vegas
  • Snowball Express, helping children of our fallen military heal and make new memories.
  • Gary Sinise Foundation, Building homes for our nations most severely wounded veterans.
  • Many other programs and causes in direct support of military families.


The Foundation prides itself on funding only those programs that directly benefit veterans, members of our military, Wounded Warriors and their families.

Over the past twelve years American Airlines Sky ball has grown to become a Nationally recognized event. Three years ago American Airlines Sky Ball celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Medal of Honor, our Nation's Highest Military award presented to a member of the armed forces for Valor in combat. We were proud to host 16 of America's living Medal of Honor Recipients whose service included WWII, Korea,Vietnam, and Iraq. Two years ago we honored all who served in Iraq, held a tribute to the US Marine Corps, and celebrated the 100th annivesary of Marine Aviation. Last year we honored all who served in Afghanistan and saluted the United States Army. It also marked a record for sponsorship, allowing the Airpower Foundation to support worthwhile organizations and events that support our military, Veterans, and their families. We are excited that October 25th, 2014 will mark yet another milestone with American Airlines Sky Ball XII in Support of the Airpower Foundation.


Sky Ball Executive Committee

Captain Jim Palmersheim, American Airlines Sky Ball Chairman

Jim Crites
John Dixon
Alan Black
Sid Eppes
Paul Martinez
Roman Palomares
Tim Raynor
Wanda Cox
Judy Horne
Toni Russell
John Kinnear
Bob Vincent
Bryan Ramsey
Scott Murray
Will Fagundes
Debbie Inmon
Patty Herlicka
Barbara Pack

American Airlines Sky Ball XI - A tribute to our Afghanistan war Veterans and the US Army

American Airlines Sky Ball X - A tribute to our Iraqi war Veterans, the US Marine Corps, and the 100th Annivesary of Marine Aviation

Sky Ball VIII - A tribute to our WWII Veterans